“Regarding our Stories, the question is never ‘Is it true?’ because it can’t be true; it’s just a Story. The question also isn’t ‘Is it the right Story?’ because that implies there’s only one correct choice. The most helpful question is ‘Is this Story useful?'” – Victoria Castle, Trance of Scarcity

lunar eclipseMental agitation, anyone? How about anxiety, confusion, feeling torn between two apparent opposites, juggling multiple perspectives, needs and desires? We’re fast approaching Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse (which is really Monday night, exact at 12:13am PST), and in addition to the escalating emotional energy that’s typical of Eclipses, this one is also turning up the volume on our minds.

This Lunar Eclipse — a super-potent Full Moon — is in Gemini, the sign that rules the mental realm, communication, and integration into our everyday environment. Learning, writing, speaking, teaching, siblings and neighbors all fall under Gemini’s rulership.

At a Lunar Eclipse, events from the past reach a point of culmination, fruition and completion. Feelings that have been repressed erupt into awareness, inspiring breakthroughs and revelations. The energy is intensely emotional, and possibly volatile.

The shadow expression of Gemini is readily available — information overload, hyperactive busyness and high anxiety. But the higher potential offered by this Eclipse is to awaken to and release any thinking patterns, beliefs or perceptions that are keeping you from stepping into your true power. What is the old story that keeps you from living your highest purpose?

Deepening Darkness

“You’re supposed to die a lot of times in order to find a bigger life.” – Michael Meade, The Ends of Time, The Roots of Eternity

What is typically the brightest night of the month — the Full Moon — turns dark at a Lunar Eclipse, as the Earth’s shadow blocks out the light of the Moon. In a rare turn of cosmic events, this Eclipse coincides with the Winter Solstice — the shortest day of the year, when the darkness reaches its height of power. The concurrence of the Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice deepens the seasonal and metaphorical darkness, presenting a powerful opening to die to what no longer serves you.

geminiAdding to the theme of closure and endings, this Lunar Eclipse is the third in a series of five consecutive Full Moons that activate what in astro-speak is called the “anaretic degree” — the last degree of a sign. In the words of Willow (of the excellent astro-blog Willow’s Web), “On the anaretic degrees, we’re distilling the energetic lessons of the entire sign.” She continues:

“At these anaretic Full Moons, the Sun opposite the Moon creates a point of highest pulling tension, a harmonic tightening along the polarity that tunes up the full spectrum of energies and spins off whatever is not necessary moving forward, leaving us with a new mix to play with.” (Anaretic Degree Full Moons)

The polarity animated by this Eclipse is between the Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Sun. Gemini rules the “lower mind” — the mind we need to write emails, talk with the people around us, feel at home in our daily environment, and check items off our to-do lists. Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposite, rules the “higher mind” — our connection with intuition, inner truth, the big-picture perspective and higher consciousness.

The Gemini-Sagittarius opposition asks: Do your everyday interactions and activities reflect your integrity and higher vision? Can you connect with others while maintaining connection with your inner guidance? Are you overly attached to your version of “truth,” or overly adaptable to others’ ideas and opinions? Are you so plugged into your iPhone, iPod and iPad that you can’t hear the little voice of intuitive wisdom? Or are you lost in your own inner world, missing important messages from the people around you and feeling disconnected from your surroundings?

As the light of the Moon disappears and then returns, as the Sun’s light fades to its weakest expression and is then reborn, we have the opportunity to reset this polarity and return to balance.

The Courageous, Healing Conversation

“One of the great disciplines of life is asking oneself, ‘What’s the courageous conversation right now?’ And it may not be with a person.” – David Whyte, Making Friends with the Unknown

At the time of the Eneptuneclipse, the Gemini Moon forms a flowing trine (120-degree angle) with Chiron and Neptune, traveling together in Aquarius. Meanwhile, Mercury — the planetary ruler of Gemini — also harmonizes with Chiron and Neptune, in an energizing sextile (60-degree angle). Ideally, these planetary links open our minds to liberating new perspectives and perceptions, and inspire communication that heals.

Chiron is the archetype of the Wounded Healer, representing our deepest pain as well as our healing gifts, while Neptune dissolves the boundaries that keep us feeling separate. As I wrote in a previous post, the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, which has been active since spring of 2009,

suggests the potential for healing by softening our defenses. Our wounds can make us feel more separate and alone when we close down around them. But when we take the risk of letting down the walls of protection and revealing vulnerability… we realize that we are not alone, and we may even discover previously unimagined resources for healing. (Opening to Oneness)

The healing, courageous conversation, as David Whyte says, is not necessarily with another person. We may be overdue for a conversation with Source, the invisible realm or our own imagination and intuition (all ruled by Neptune), or with our instinctual, animal selves (ruled by Sagittarius the Centaur).

The key to identifying which conversation wants to take place is by tuning into where we feel disconnected, separate, wounded and alone. Where are we operating under the illusion of separateness?

With so much mental energy flying around, the challenge is to drop into our hearts and feel the feelings beneath the thought whirlwind. While our thoughts can be so very compelling and endlessly entertaining/maddening, it’s our feelings that offer true guidance during these dark days.

– Emily Trinkaus