“I don’t think we have a hoot of a chance of healing our societal ills, or the manifold injustices we inflict on various parts of the human community, without renewing the wild Eros between ourselves and the sensuous surroundings — without ‘falling in love outward’ … with this earthly cosmos that enfolds us.” – David Abram, Interview with Derrick Jensen

taurusThe Taurus Full Moon, exact on Sunday at 9:27 am PST, awakens the five senses, reconnects us with our animal selves, reminds us of the magic of the natural world. The Moon is considered “exalted” — at her strongest — in the earthy, luscious, sensual sign of the Bull. Amping up the power, this Full Moon activates the very last degree of Taurus, implying major completions and culminations.

The Sun in Scorpio, since October 23rd, shines the light on what’s hidden beneath the surface, stirs up intense emotions, and animates our relationship with the invisible realm. Scorpio rules all things mysterious, secret and taboo. The purpose of Scorpio’s Underworld journey is to strip away what’s become stagnant or diseased, reconnect us with our priorities and mission, and regenerate passion for what really matters.

While Scorpio embraces core-level transformation, Taurus seeks comfort, stability and abundance. When this polarity is in balance, we let go of what we’ve outgrown to make space for what we really want, and we have the support and resources we need to pursue our passions. We appreciate and celebrate the simple pleasures of ordinary life, without ignoring or repressing the deeper and darker layers of reality.

Because Taurus is a “fixed” sign, this is an ideal Full Moon for letting go of literal and metaphorical “stuff.” Whatever you release — a habit, belief, emotional attachment… — is likely to stay away for good. What are you holding onto that’s blocking the flow of your natural abundance?

Honor the Taurus Full Moon by spending time in nature, pampering your body with a massage or long bath, savoring a delicious meal, communing with your companion animals and/or house plants. Drum, sing or dance, sculpt with clay, put your garden to bed. Connect with the Fairies, Devas, Plant Spirits and Animal Spirits. Ask how you can best use your natural talents and resources to serve our home planet in these critical times.

– Emily Trinkaus