full moonFriday’s Full Moon is a rare, Blue Moon event — a second consecutive Full Moon in fiery, passionate Aries. Think back to what was happening around September 23rd, at the first Aries Full Moon. This year we’re gifted with two opportunities to get the lessons of the Aries/Libra polarity — the balance of masculine and feminine, independence and relationship, feisty initiation and measured reflection.

Each Full Moon is a time of illumination, revelation, culmination and fruition. The Full Moon in Aries asks: What do you really want? What excites and inspires you? Are you in touch with your instincts, drive and motivation? Have you sacrificed your authenticity, your passion, your true desires to please your partner, family, society? Are you giving more than you’re receiving?

This Full Moon is at the very last degree of Aries, highlighting endings and completions related to Aries themes: an aspect of your identity you’ve outgrown, a way of taking action or relating that’s not serving you, a past pursuit or passion that no longer excites you.

The two-week period following the Full Moon, while the Moon is waning, is an ideal time for letting go of the old and clearing space for the new. Clean out the dusty corners of your home and psyche, get rid of possessions that are holding stagnant energy, write or sing or paint or dance your feelings and uncover a more vibrant version of your self.

On Saturday, the Sun will shift into Scorpio, joining Mercury, Venus and Mars in the sign of magic, transformation and regeneration. While access to invisible power is strong, take advantage of this Full Moon opportunity to perform a simple ritual. Aries likes it fast and fiery: light a candle, write down what you’re ready to release, burn the paper, and do a little dance — or just jump around and shake off the old. The Full Moon will be exact on Friday at 6:36pm Pacific Time, but the energy is powerful all Friday and Saturday.

– Emily Trinkaus