PlutoWe’re back in Pluto-land (did we ever leave?) as the Lord of the Underworld prepares to turn from Retrograde to Direct (forward) on September 13th. Pluto’s direct turn amplifies Plutonian themes — authenticity, passion, deep feelings, the subconscious, the Mystery, what’s dark, hidden, secret and taboo. Adding to the intensity, Pluto’s shift also stirs up the energies of the powerful Cardinal Grand Cross.

When Pluto turned Retrograde, on April 6th, I wrote:

Pluto brings awareness to what has been hidden or repressed — those deep dark places in our psyche that we often prefer not to think about. During Plutonian periods (i.e., now), we are called to delve into the subconscious realm, to feel the feelings lurking there, and to be really honest with ourselves about what we find. (Journey Through Darkness)

Ideally, while Pluto has been Retrograde — appearing to travel backwards in the sky — we’ve reconsidered and reconnected with our deepest passion and mission. Why did your soul choose to incarnate at this time? What is your unique role to play at this critical, transitional moment? What are you committed to, what are you passionate about, and what do you want to achieve during this lifetime?

Pluto is now in Capricorn (2008-2024), the sign of responsibility, integrity, commitment, ambition, success and worldly power. In “mundane” astrology (astrology of the world), Capricorn rules government, business, corporations, the economy, social structures and systems, and authority figures. Pluto — the principle of death and rebirth — brings deep transformation to these areas.

While the greed, corruption and sickness embedded in our social structures becomes increasingly obvious and unignorable, while our so-called “leaders” prove themselves increasingly useless and irrelevant when it comes to taking any kind of positive action on behalf of humanity and the Earth, we the people are compelled to wake up to our own power and take responsibility for creating the future we desire.

William Blake’s famous words — “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s” — is, we could say, even more true right now. The dark side of Pluto in Capricorn is very dark indeed — the Orwellian global police state that is being quickly hammered into place. Although the global elite, via their propaganda machine, the corporate-controlled media, present their New World Order as a done deal, the battle is far from over.

At the core — and Pluto loves to get to the core — the battle is being fought on the level of consciousness. As more and more people free themselves from the illusion of powerlessness, oppressive systems cannot hold.

Stepping into Your Soul’s Mission

CapricornAfter Pluto starts moving forward, he heads toward the North Node, also now in Capricorn. Although not exact until November, their conjunction is a strong theme throughout the Fall. The North Node is like a compass point, revealing the best way forward on our evolutionary path. The North Node in Capricorn says that it’s time to grow up and take responsibility. Get clear about your goals, focus on where you’re headed, be pragmatic, be persistent, and keep taking the next step forward.

The South Node, always exactly opposite the North Node, shows where we can get lost, stuck or distracted. The South Node in Cancer warns against getting bogged down by the past and overwhelmed by emotion, wallowing in regret, self-pity, nostalgia. In the wise words of Willow: “Focusing too heavily on our own emotional turmoil or on the emotional chaos around us — which certainly exist — is a sucking, momentum-draining vortex. Too much receptivity is to our detriment now. We have to keep moving.” (The Phoenix File, Sept. 2010)

Pluto’s conjunction with the North Node brings a sense of urgency to living out our destinies. Capricorn is the sign of ambition, and Pluto puts you in touch with your own passionate ambition. The one that scares the hell out of you. The one that might seem impossible to achieve.

Pluto always requires a death, a letting-go. Pluto conjunct the North Node says: if your passion isn’t in it, let it go. If you’re out of your integrity and authenticity, let it go. If you’re playing by someone else’s rules, let it go. If you’re staying in a situation out of fear, let it go.

Get in touch with your passion, your soul’s mission, and then get practical about moving toward it, one small, concrete step at a time. If you’re on path, you’re likely to feel terrified, and you’re likely to meet resistance. Draw on the Capricorn qualities of strength, perseverance, patience and endurance. Be intentional, methodical and strategic. Slow and steady wins the race.

As the transformative energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross are activated this month, we are again faced with making significant decisions. Astrologer Jessica Murray advises that we ask ourselves whether we are deciding based on “our programming” or “our authenticity” (Autumnal Equinox Lecture).

As each of us steps into our authenticity, passion and integrity, we transform the culture. As we confront our fears and embrace aliveness, as we shed the layers of programming that limit our power and potential, we regenerate our own energy and contribute to the rebirth of humanity.

– Emily Trinkaus