“The world is not going to be saved by the guilty or desperate or the merely agonized. A new world can only be created by beings who know how to renew themselves constantly in the fires of the sacred heart and its radiation as bliss energy in the awakened body.” – Andrew Harvey, Heart Yoga

This summer is a period of culminating energies and breakthroughs, putting together pieces that have been thrown into chaos, into the Mystery, for the past two years. The Saturn-Uranus opposition had its grand finale on July 26th, and Saturn’s third and final square to Pluto will be August 21st. These two transits have been unfolding since November 2008 and November 2009, respectively.

As these transits come to an end, now is a time for integration, understanding, harvesting the lessons and wisdom of the past few years and determining how to move forward from here. Helpfully, Uranus and Jupiter turning Retrograde and returning to Pisces slow down the fast-moving outer-world action of the Cardinal Cross, and help us get in touch with inner resources and inspiration that can support and sustain us during the coming years of radical change.

Cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — are the initiators of the zodiac, the leaders and pioneers. In late May and early June, when revolutionary Uranus and expansive Jupiter moved into Aries, we got a super-charged blast of this Cardinal energy. When Saturn moved into Libra on July 21st, the three main players were in place — the T-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, all in the Cardinal signs. We got all revved up for new beginnings, and started taking steps toward creating a new future.

But then, Uranus turned Retrograde on July 5th, and Jupiter followed suit soon after, on July 23rd. Momentum started to slow, and grand plans may have been put on hold. Jupiter is the principle of expansion, opportunity and abundance, and Jupiter Retrograde is a time for internal rather than outer-world growth.

Uranus will return to Pisces on August 13th (until March 2011), and Jupiter will do the same on September 8th (until January 2011). Pisces rules the invisible realm of consciousness, energy, imagination and spirit, and it seems there’s more work to do on this level. Uranus and Jupiter’s return to Pisces signals an internal preparation period before we’re ready to enter full-throttle into the Cardinal world of pioneering action.

The Cardinal Cross of 2010-2014 is the definitive planetary configuration at the end of the Age of Pisces. Its message — change or die. We need to take action to reverse the course of destruction, quickly, if we are to save ourselves and our precious planet. To rise to this challenge, our bodies, minds and spirits need to be strong. More and more, as we enter unfamiliar territory and increasing chaos, we need to rely on our instincts, which requires being grounded in our bodies, grounded to the planet, and connected with Source.

Becoming “Sacred Activists”

“I think you only get the reality of the situation when you realize you have to go into permanent training.” – Andrew Harvey, interview on FAR Radio

PiscesThe Uranus in Pisces period, since March 2003, has been characterized by an awakening of consciousness, a spiritual revolution. More and more people have woken up to the significance of the invisible realm. Modern science has caught up with the ancient mystics, proving on an atomic level that everything is energy, and that we are, in fact, all one.

While Saturn in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces over the past few years, we were challenged to bring this awareness into our daily lives. Peak experiences of spiritual ecstasy are fun and exciting and all, but if they aren’t integrated into our everyday lives, what’s the point?

Pisces, because it rules subtle energy, is a tricky sign. Pisces rules both consciousness and unconsciousness, paradise and prison, enlightenment and illusion, bliss and despair. Over the past seven years, along with genuine spiritual evolution, we’ve seen the shadow of Uranus in Pisces — self-absorption and ego-aggrandizement masquerading as enlightenment. A kind of spiritual superiority in some New Age communities, a blindness to or willful ignoring of suffering. The marketing and proliferation of yoga as a technique to reduce stress and tighten abs rather than as a spiritual practice to alleviate the suffering of all beings. (Shadow Uranus in Pisces is also the illusion of freedom, democracy and change — the subject of another post perhaps…)

In the last days of Saturn in Virgo, I heard “Sacred Activist” Andrew Harvey speak on Robert Phoenix’s FAR radio show. Harvey, channeling a very wise message of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, talks about the need for a daily practice to “improve your spiritual strength to get you through the next phase.”

Without saying anything about astrology, he very clearly articulated what I think is the most essential cosmic message of right now — integrating mysticism into everyday life as a way of taking responsibility for ourselves and our planet. Or, in his words, “love in action — not separating spirituality from politics…. not separating the deepest inner experience of divine love from acts of compassion and justice.”

As Jupiter andJupiter Uranus return to Pisces for a final hurrah — which culminates in their exact conjunction on September 18th — we have the opportunity to become more conscious about what’s happening on an energetic level, and how to work with this invisible realm in an effective and responsible way.

Pay attention to your energy — what inspires you, what sucks your vital life juice — and trust this information as a reliable guide. Put in place the practices that cultivate your energy, and let go of what drains you. We need ALL our energy for the times ahead, and now is the time to reclaim, restore and revive ourselves at this essential level.

Note to my regular blog readers: I’ve taken on a big freelance writing project for the summer, and haven’t been able to keep up with my weekly posts. These will resume in October. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your patience!!

– Emily Trinkaus