“[D]uring periods of great change, personal creativity is radically enhanced.” – Barbara Hand Clow, Astroflash! 7/11/10

Sunday’s SoCancerlar Eclipse is a super-powerful New Moon — don’t miss this opportunity to clarify and set your intentions! The seeds you plant will grow not only over the next lunar cycle (as with every New Moon), but for the next six months, and beyond.

The Eclipse is in Cancer, setting into motion new beginnings related to home, family, support systems, foundations, deep feelings, nurturing, healing, resources, mom, ancestors and food. Solar Eclipses — when the light of the Sun is temporarily darkened by the Moon’s shadow — also entail endings. What needs to be released to make room for the new? What really nourishes, feeds and supports you, and what is draining your vital life juice?

VenusCancer, ruled by the Moon, signifies the Great Mother Goddess — the maternal feminine. At the time of the Eclipse, Venus — the erotic feminine — will also be highly active, opposing Neptune/Chiron, trining Pluto, and quincunx Jupiter/Uranus. As Barbara Hand Clow writes in her New Moon report, “the goddess is in charge.”

Venus’s opposition to Chiron and Neptune triggers the pain of our collective dissociation from feminine sexuality and feminine power — which are, of course, inextricably connected. Venus’s harmonious trine with Pluto opens the potential for deep healing and transformation, while the quincunx to Jupiter and Uranus calls for the awakening and liberation of this vital and necessary force.

Activating Creative Magic

Lisa Sonora Beam

Lisa Sonora Beam

Lisa Sonora Beam, my brilliant artist/writer/”creativity and business strategist” friend, graciously offered to reprint her post here about using visual journaling to set New Moon intentions. This is a powerful way to engage with the Solar Eclipse and make use of the abundant intuitive and creative energy.

For those of you in Portland (or who want to travel!), Lisa and I will be co-leading a one-day workshop here on September 18 — Practical Magic: Re-Creating Our Lives through Art, Writing and Astrology. The early registration deadline is July 31st. Join us!

The Solar Eclipse is at 12:40 pm Pacific Time, so for best results, work your magic at or after this time. If you’ve got plans for Sunday afternoon, no worries — the energy is potent, and you’ll still be able to work with it Sunday evening and even Monday.

New Moon Intentions (excerpt) by Lisa Sonora Beam (read the full post here)

Try this at home:

Set an Intention
Whether or not you time your intentions to the new moon cycles, the regular setting of intentions is a powerful creative practice. A quick google search will give you the dates of the lunar calendar, just search for new moon, with the month and year.

from LSB's visual journal

Make Your Intention Visible
You don’t need any art supplies at all to do this. Grab a few index cards or any sheet of paper and write out your intentions. Keep them in your calendar, or better yet, write them into your calendar, so you can refer to them often.

If you want to play with art suppies, and keep it simple, just having the paper in a color that thrills you is enough.

Visual Journal Your Intentions

If you want to try visual journaling, here’s an easy way to start. If you already visual journal, this is something you can do quickly, pretty much anywhere. I do most of my work these days at a tiny kitchen counter.

Write out your intention on one side of an index card, or on a piece of decorative cardstock or scrapbook paper cut to size.

Quickly flip through a magazine you like, and grab an image that represents your intention.

The image does not have to be literal. For example, you might find an image of a mountain to represent an intention for meditation or exercise; an image of a clean kitchen (don’t see many “real life” kitchens in the ads!) to represent reducing clutter.

The point with the image is that it is something that makes you feel good when you look at it.

The Power of Intention is Amplified by Visual Cues

from LSB's visual journal

This visual reminder of what you are intending is a great support to the subconscious mind, and our more primitive, reptilian brain — parts of ourselves that do not respond well to the rational mind. These intention cards work like mini visioning boards.

Read the full post here