lunar eclipseAs of Saturday’s New Moon, we officially entered what I fondly refer to as “Eclipse Season” — are you feeling it?? Pressure, intensity, anxiety, insomnia, the feeling of everything happening at once…. The energy is volatile, explosive and POTENT.

We’re building up to an uber-dramatic Lunar Eclipse on June 26th. A Lunar Eclipse is an especially powerful Full Moon, featuring a surge of emotional energy, revelations and breakthroughs, and bringing to the surface whatever has been repressed for the past six months, since the last set of Eclipses.

This Eclipse is particularly powerful because it activates the Cardinal Cross — a long-term, very rare planetary configuration that speaks to the deep transformation we’re all experiencing, both personally and collectively.

As always with astrology, the pertinent question is not What’s going to happen? but rather How can I work with this energy?

capricornThe Lunar Eclipse will be in Capricorn, the sign that rules fear, and at the time of the Eclipse, the Moon (emotions) will be exactly conjunct Pluto, the planet that represents sheer terror. In other words, FEAR is a big theme of now, rising to the surface to get our attention.

Pluto also signifies our soul-level mission on this planet, while Capricorn is the sign of authority and worldly power. One way to think about this Eclipse is that it’s alerting us to the fears that keep us from stepping into our full power, the role we came here to play.

The continuing catastrophe in the Gulf makes it clear that we’re in a time when our very survival at stake — all of us are needed, in our full power. We can use this intense Eclipse energy, all the fears and feelings that arise, to tune into what is in the way of doing what we came here to do — what do we need to let go of, what needs to be transformed or healed?

Although Eclipse periods tend to be speedy and there’s way too much going on, my recommendation is to take time out, when you can, to really feel your feelings. Beneath the buzziness, the anxiety, the whirlwind of thoughts, what’s happening on a deeper level? This can be a time of profound healing, insight and transformation — it’s worth making the time to drop in.

The Bigger Story of Now

aquariusThe Eclipse as an event, in and of itself, is not so significant. Although there tends to be a lot of drama during Eclipse Season, what’s really important here is the larger, underlying, unfolding story. There’s the Cardinal Cross, and then there’s the even bigger story of the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Eclipse is a trigger, a catalyst, to get us to attend to these deeper issues.

Earlier this week I gave a talk for the Portland BodyTalk Association about these themes — Energy and Empowerment at the End of the Age of Pisces. I recorded the talk and posted it on my Virgo Magic site here.

Also, last week my favorite astro-blogger, Robert Phoenix, invited me and three other astrologers to write a short piece (500 words, ack!) about our take on the Cardinal Cross. Below is what I came up with, and I also recommend checking out what the other wise astrologers have to say on the subject, here.

The Cardinal Cross of 2010-2014

Will humanity — will each of us — take back our power in time to save ourselves and our home planet? The Cardinal Cross of 2010-2014 is a crossroads, a pivot point, in our transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. How we respond, the choices we make, the actions we take during these years, will set the stage for the Age of Aquarius future — micro-chipped population in a global police state, or a new, liberated version of humanity living in harmony with each other and the Earth.

The Gulf of Mexico catastrophe feels like the grand finale of the Age of Pisces gone wrong, a wake-up call of unfathomable proportions. Who owns the Earth? Who’s responsible for her health? Who owns the water? Who signs the permission slips for assaulting the planet with deadly machines?

Pluto in Capricorn — the slowest-moving arm of the Cross — signifies the death and rebirth of social systems and structures, and the transformation of power itself. Systems that are ravaging the Earth, including the oil-based economy, have to die if we are going to survive. Our task is to create new systems, new models of power based on the understanding that all of life is interconnected — the feminine principle of relatedness.

Uranus in Aries — the wild card, the Trickster — instigates a new 84-year cycle, entry into uncharted territory. Uranus is a speedy, chaotic, unpredictable energy — what seems hopeless and entrenched can become unstuck. We have to be connected to our instinctual natures, our bodies, to know how to respond in quickly changing circumstances. As humanity’s survival instincts kick in, we awaken our Warrior natures, our courage.

As systems break down, the ability to work together will become a survival skill — the fundamental lesson of Saturn in Libra. Forming partnerships and alliances, knowing who you can trust, and being a trustworthy partner yourself will be increasingly important.

For most of these Cardinal Cross years, what we actually have is a Cardinal T-Square, featuring Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The mostly missing point in the Cross is Cancer — the Cardinal water sign signifying the Mother and Great Mother archetypes. The poisoning of the planet’s waters reflect our unbalanced, destructive relationship with this element, the realm of the feminine. Cancer is the sign of home and family, concepts we are needing to expand to include all of Earth and all her inhabitants.

At the Summer Solstice on June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer, completing and activating the Cross. The energies ramp up at the June 26 Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon unites with Pluto in Capricorn opposite the Sun. These high-powered cosmic events are opportunities to FEEL into the meaning of the Cardinal Cross and what it is asking of you personally, what is your unique, essential contribution in these times. On some level, we all chose to be here, and now is when we get to step into the part we came to play.