“For too long we have taken the instinctual mother Goddess for granted. In our own bodies, in our Earth, we have assumed she would nourish and protect us. We have wallowed in sentimental images. Over centuries, we have forgotten her, reviled her, raped her. Now we will either integrate her into consciousness or we will die. There is an evolutionary process at work on our planet and we can only hope that out of this present death, sanity will come.”- Marion Woodman, Leaving My Father’s House

ChironChiron the Wounded Healer turns Retrograde tonight, energizing Chirotic themes — wounds, pain, trauma, healing, bridging spirit and matter, and connecting with higher consciousness. The Moon’s monthly union with Chiron also happens today, just to make sure we really FEEL this event. Sensitive types have already been feeling the energy for a few days (personally, I barely slept last night).

Chiron’s recent entry into Pisces — the sign that rules the ocean — coincided with the explosion that initiated the deluge of oil into the Gulf of Mexico (see Chiron Enters Pisces). The ocean, the source of all life on Earth, is in a very literal sense the Great Mother of us all, the original womb from which we all emerged. The ocean also illustrates the feminine principle that we are all connected — water knows no boundaries, and if the Gulf of Mexico oil deluge continues, all the waters of the Earth will become toxic, and we will all die.

The apparently unstoppable poisoning of the ocean right now indicates that we’ve reached a critical time of reckoning in terms of the devaluation and destruction of the feminine. The illusion of separateness — the foundational ideology of the patriarchy — can no longer hold. In an extreme way, we are witnessing and experiencing the painful consequences of the illusion that we are separate from one another and from the Earth.

As above, so below. As without, so within. The hemorrhaging of the Earth, the wound in her core that will not stop bleeding, the increasing toxicity of her waters — what is this catastrophe reflecting back to us about our own internal state? What within our own psyches, our own bodies, has been torn apart? What is the core wound that feels like it will never heal? Where do we feel separate, isolated, disconnected from Source? How do we dishonor the feminine within ourselves?

Chiron’s station tonight brings attention to these deep, painful places within us. Feelings of overwhelm, depression, anxiety and just plain exhaustion are readily available. It’s easy to want to numb out, reach for our favorite addiction to mask the pain. But Chiron teaches that the only way out is through, and that, if we have the courage to feel into the wound, we can access its healing gift.

We are all responsible for healing the culture’s destruction of the feminine, for becoming conscious, for creating what Marion Woodman calls “a new order of reality.”  If we are truly all connected, then every step we take toward healing ourselves heals the collective:

“Working toward that consciousness, we suffer, but our suffering opens us to the wounds of the world and the love that can heal. It is our immediate task to relate to the emerging feminine whether she comes to us in dreams, in the loss of those we love, in body disease, or in ecological distress. Each of us in our own way is being brought face to face with Her challenge.” Marion Woodman, Leaving My Father’s House