“If we wish to stop the atrocities, we need merely to step away from the isolation. There is a whole world waiting for us, ready to welcome us home.” – Derrick Jensen

With oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, poisoning the ocean, and potentially the entire planet, at an unimaginable rate, we’ve reached the point in the story where the superhero flies in and saves the day. But the story of our time is not about being saved. It’s about each of us recognizing our own superhero powers, our own divinity, and, starting where we are, saving ourselves.

PiscesWe are poised on the edge of a new paradigm, caught between the dramatic death throes of the Age of Pisces and the birth of a new world — the Age of Aquarius. What the Age of Aquarius will look like is yet to be determined, and depends on the choices each of us make during these critical transitional years.

Without fully “getting” and integrating the lessons of the Age of Pisces — which began about 2,000 years ago with the birth of Christ — the Age of Aquarius is likely to look bleak indeed. Right now, as Uranus exits Pisces (see Pioneering A New World), Chiron enters Pisces (see Chiron Enters Pisces), Jupiter transits Pisces (see Consciousness Into Action), and Neptune prepares to move into Pisces (in 2011 — see future posts!) we’re getting massive, unignorable, life-and-death lessons in Pisces-land.

The essential Pisces lessons? The feeling of inherent interconnectedness with all life — and the compassion and service that arise from that consciousness; the power of true spiritual connection and spiritual freedom (as opposed to religious dogma); and universal, unconditional love. And, MAGIC — the ability to work with energy and the invisible realm.

The shadow expression of Pisces comes out when, instead of feeling connected with All That Is, we buy into the ultimate illusion — that we are alone, isolated and powerless. Instead of consciously and intentionally working with energy, we are unconsciously manipulated by invisible forces and susceptible to delusion. Shadow Pisces looks like addiction, victimization, depression and suffering, and, needless to say, is running rampant through our culture.

Reclaiming Authority from Illusion and Addiction

Aquarius“We’re meant to take the vision out of the realm of rhetoric and live it. To take it out of the hands of criminal so-called leaders, disconnect from their version of the future, and determine what it really means to us personally.” – Willow, Willow’s Web, 5/16/10

The oil catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico is a graphic depiction of the shadow of Pisces — ideally, extreme enough to wake us out of our collective slumber in time to avert self-destruction. The ocean and oil are both ruled by Pisces and explicitly illustrate the truth that we are all connected. The poisoning of the ocean cannot be contained. If one body of water becomes toxic, all the water on the planet becomes toxic, and we all die.

Our economic system is based on the extraction of resources and expansion of markets — obviously not a sustainable model, and one that’s destroying our home planet. As Derrick Jensen succinctly puts it, the “health” of the economy is measured by “how quickly the living are converted to the dead.” The main resource that the entire economy depends on is oil. In addition to transportation, the top oil consumers are the military, agriculture, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite some talk about “Peak Oil” and the impact of burning oil on the atmosphere, there is little talk about the process itself — what it means that our civilization, our production of food, our transportation, our “healthcare” system (don’t get me started…) is based on drilling into the Earth and sucking her blood. Once I sat with this I realized why our culture is obsessed with vampires. We live in a vampire culture. We sustain our lives by sucking the blood of our Mother Earth, which is slowly (and now more quickly) killing her.

EarthThe culture’s addiction to oil is so normalized as to be invisible. The fact that our economic system, our entire way of life (collectively speaking) is killing the planet, and therefore eventually all of us living here, is also normalized, invisible, unmentionable.

The apparently unstoppable oil deluge in the Gulf of Mexico brings the culture’s dangerous dependence on oil, and the entire self-destructive system, out of the invisible realm and into our faces. It’s time to wake up, to free ourselves from a way of being that is killing us, and start working toward a sustainable future.

The response (or lack thereof) of our alleged “leaders” illustrates their utter uselessness and irrelevance. Politicians and corporate execs (is there a difference?) argue over who’s to blame or who’s going to pay, while continuing to defend other existing deep-sea drilling operations and more of the same in the future. Anyone who was still holding onto a shred of faith in the political system has to be disillusioned, and this is actually a good thing.

The crux of the Pisces lesson is to stop giving away our power to anyone or anything outside of us so we can recognize and activate our own power — so we can become the leaders, the superheroes we’ve been waiting for.

This is the endgame, the ultimate pivot point — change or die. We continue in the same direction and inevitably self-destruct, or we change course and save ourselves. We know which direction the “leaders” are choosing. And now it’s up to each of us to make the choice for ourselves.