Note: Next month I’ll be co-leading a women’s writing and astrology retreat on the theme Freeing the Wild Feminine. This piece explores the Wild Feminine archetype, and its relevance for this moment in time.

“When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive, a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guide, suggest, and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer worlds.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves

“Wherever there is an absence of power, spirit, or joy in a woman’s life, she has lost touch with her wild self.” – Tami Lynn Kent, Wild Feminine

Wild Feminine Power

The Wild Feminine is our connection with our authentic selves, with the Earth, with our own natural rhythms and feelings and instincts. Disconnected from this place in ourselves, we are disconnected from our innate power. Disconnected from our power, we project it outside of ourselves — onto politicians, bosses, parents, partners, friends, the media, etc. — and look to them for leadership, guidance and answers, rather than looking within and listening to the wisdom of our own hearts.

At this critical moment in history, when the fate of the Earth and all her inhabitants is at stake, we need new models of power. We’re moving away from the patriarchal, “power over” model, which is killing the planet. What’s emerging is a new model of power that comes from the heart, from love, from compassion, and from acknowledging our inherent interconnectedness with all beings and with the Earth. In other words, from the archetypal feminine.

Connected with the Wild Feminine, we feel empowered as we navigate these turbulent and challenging times, stepping into the unique role we came here to play, in alignment with and supported by our bodies, our instincts and the love and wisdom of our hearts.

Venus Abandoned

“Living in profound disconnect from the earth, in the frantic pace of life unmoved by our more natural inner rhythms that alternate between expansive creation and restorative retreat, we have precious little time or space to invite the appearance of the feminine.” – Tami Kent, Wild Feminine

VenusAstrologically, Venus is the archetypal feminine, goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, pleasure, abundance, eroticism and the arts. Needless to say, our culture is woefully low on Venusian energy.

Instead of fully sinking into our senses, savoring the gifts and pleasures of every moment, we have fast food and overly busy lives, speeding from one rushed experience to the next.

Disconnected from our sensual natures, instead of sacred sexuality, we’ve got internet porn and other forms of cyber-sex, along with the future promise of sex-bots to fulfill every need — except of course the need for genuine human connection.

Instead of listening to our bodies to find out what they need, we listen to doctors and take pills to shut up the symptoms that are calling out for our attention.

Rather than coming from the heart, the culture over-values the mind. “Logic” is used to justify all kinds of atrocities — from bombing civilian populations to clear-cutting ancient forests — while the heart closes to avoid feeling the pain of these abuses. The heart knows we are all inextricably interconnected.

To reclaim Venus, we start with our own lives, our bodies, senses, feelings, hearts, relationships and moment-by-moment experiences. What matters to you? What do you love? What attracts you? Whom do you envy (Venus’s shadow)? When we take time to ask and answer these questions for ourselves, we get closer to our authentic natures, our wildish selves, our innate wisdom and power.

As astrologer Caroline Casey writes, “No problem has a solution that is in not some way beautiful. To recover from the dark sleep of anesthesia, the aesthetics of love, beauty, art, and gardens must move to the center of our lives and our culture. Venus wants to make necessities out of those arts that have erroneously been dubbed luxuries.”

Women’s Writing & Astrology Retreat: Freeing the Wild Feminine

“The principle of the feminine is openness to life, death, rebirth and the unity of all things within that cycle. It’s the world of nature, you see. And that’s the world that’s striving so hard now to be recognized.” – Marion Woodman

Dawn and I chose the theme for our retreat based on the season and the movement of the planets. We’ll be meeting just after the New Moon in Taurus — one of the signs ruled by Venus. Taurus the Bull is the earthy expression of Venus — the sensual, abundant, fertile, pleasure-seeking energy of Spring’s luscious blooming. The retreat will be held in the magical forest of Silver Falls, and, weather-permitting, we’ll engage with that inspiring natural setting throughout the weekend.

At the start of the retreat, Venus will be forming a challenging square (90-degree angle) to Uranus — the revolutionary and liberator, the Great Awakener. This aspect “wakes up” the feminine principle, inspires her toward authenticity and freedom from previously imagined limitations.

We’ll explore the position of Venus in our personal birth charts to uncover our unique expression of the feminine, and to identify potential blocks or challenges to her liberation. We’ll use Sacred Story work — a technique using guided visualization and writing to recreate our lives — to release old, limiting stories we may be telling ourselves. Then we will re-write these stories to call in a more empowering version of our feminine nature.

We’ll also discuss collective astrological influences and explore how our individual stories intersect with the unfolding collective drama. How do we rise to the challenges of these times in an empowered way?

All women are welcome, and no previous writing or astrology experience is needed. For more information, click here.