“it is our ignorance of the dark, which is the gateway between death and birth, that gives rise to our fears and contributes to our pain.”
– Demetra George
, Mysteries of the Dark Moon

We’re nearing the grand finale of this summer’s Eclipse Season — the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 5. A Lunar Eclipse is a super-potent Full Moon, featuring a rising tide of emotional energy, high pressure, and opportunities for revelation and breakthrough.

At the Lunar Eclipse — when the Earth’s shadow blocks out the light of the Moon — we are confronted with our fear of the dark. The Full Moon that typically lights up the night sky turns a bloody red and darkens, leaving us in the shadows. Even if the Eclipse isn’t visible where you live, the influence is still palpable.

Our relationship with darkness is a theme throughout Eclipse Season, which officially started June 22 and ends August 20. During this two-month period, external circumstances are divinely orchestrated to trigger your dark side — to compel you to confront whatever you have repressed, ignored, or otherwise stuffed into the recesses of your subconscious. The challenges, frustrations, blocks, irritations, etc. that appear serve the purpose of putting you in touch with more of who you are — even and especially the parts you might rather not acknowledge.

Ultimately, Eclipses catalyze growth and transformation. When you become conscious of hidden parts of yourself, you uncover more of the truth of who you are. With this awareness, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue on a path that is out of alignment with your higher purpose or soul’s calling.

As we enter the home stretch of this extra-long Eclipse extravaganza, now is the time to consider which elements of your life are ready to be released, healed or transformed. Where has the energy become stagnant or draining? What are you holding onto out of fear? How can you create more space in your life to pursue your heart’s desires? What needs to die so that new life can be born?

The Aquarius-Leo Polarity

This Lunar Eclipse is in Aquarius — the sign of freedom, revolution and truth — symbolized by the Water-Bearer, who brings the waters of consciousness to liberate humanity. Aquarius represents the community and collective, as well as the gift we are here to offer to the greater good. Ideally, the strong surge of Aquarian energy alerts us to what we need to liberate ourselves from in order to serve humanity at a higher level.

In order to achieve its highest expression, Aquarius needs to be balanced and integrated with its opposite sign — Leo the Lion. At the time of the Eclipse, the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius, highlighting this polarity. Leo rules the heart, and represents the individual, what makes each of us special and unique, children and the child within, creativity, pleasure, celebration and joy. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the light we shine into the world.

When Aquarius is disconnected from Leo — from the heart — we encounter the Water-Bearer’s shadow. On an individual level, this could look like the person who is serving and supporting others, but sacrificing her own joy and creativity. Leo asks, If you’re not living your light, if you’re not doing what you love, what are you really contributing to the greater good?

The word “courage” comes from the French word for heart — “coeur.” Connecting with your heart gives you the courage to offer to the world your unique creative gifts.

The Collective Aquarian Shadow

On a societal level, we witness the Aquarian shadow when the collective is valued over the individual, forgetting/ignoring that the collective is comprised of individuals. The “collective” or “greater good” becomes an abstract concept used to justify murder, torture and the denial of basic human rights. The view that we need to sacrifice our individual freedoms in order to make our country safer (and the “PATRIOT” Act that is based on this premise) is a classic case of Aquarius gone wrong.

In researching the current Swine Flu story, I discovered an appalling example of the Aquarius shadow. The World Health Organization is apparently preparing to declare Swine Flu a global pandemic, and to require vaccinations of all humans in the 140-something countries signed onto the WHO treaty. As the law now stands, there will only be two options: to be vaccinated, or be imprisoned. (More info)

The vaccine — which according to some researchers is more deadly than the disease — is going to be tested on 12,000 children nationwide, starting in Oklahoma. Yes, that’s right — children, whose immune systems are so very vulnerable (and already compromised by the battery of vaccines they receive as babies) are going to be the “guinea pigs” for an untested pharmaceutical.

On a television news segment, the interviewer asks researcher Wayne Madsen, who has some questions about the sanity of this move, “If this vaccine could potentially save thousands of lives, isn’t this trial run worth it?” I’m paraphrasing, but that was the shadow Aquarian gist — sacrifice the children on the altar of science and pharmaceuticals, allegedly for the sake of the collective good.

Health, Healing and the Aquarius Super-Conjunction

It’s not surprising to me that the themes of health, disease and healthcare are strong during this Eclipse Season. Eclipses serve as triggers for longer-term planetary influences, and one of the major cosmic headlines this year is the rare “Super-Conjunction” of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter.

The alignment of these three planets in Aquarius signals a revolution in our understanding of health and healing, and offers opportunities to liberate ourselves from old wounds and addictions. In my ideal world, the Super-Conjunction heralds the entry of energy medicine and other revolutionary (yet ancient) forms of healing into the mainstream. At a deeper level, this is about a shift in consciousness — from seeing our health as something outside ourselves, to recognizing that WE are the source of our health, and our bodies are miraculous self-healing mechanisms.

Michael Jackson’s death by pharmaceuticals kicked off Eclipse Season, launching into public view the dirty secret of “iatrogenic” (doctor-caused) deaths. Every year hundreds of thousands of people are killed by the medical industry (the AMA calls this “the high price of healthcare”).

Meanwhile, U.S. politicians are arguing over healthcare reform, operating from the premise that the only thing wrong with the current state of “healthcare” is that not enough people have access to it. And, simmering in the background, is the Swine Flu “pandemic,” set to explode this October, when mass vaccination programs will allegedly be launched, with military assistance.

Underlying all of these stories is the essential question of our time: Will humanity reclaim its power? Will we subject our bodies, our children’s bodies, to the dictates of the military-pharmaceutical complex, or will we claim responsibility for our own health and healing? Will we succumb to the fear that is relentlessly propagated by the corporate media, or will we listen to our hearts and discover the courage to act from love and compassion?

The world is at a tipping point, with two versions of the Age of Aquarius being presented — New World Order police state with a micro-chipped, fully controlled robot-human population, or an enlightened, compassionate, sustainable, Earth-loving global village? The future we create depends entirely on each of us. Now is the time for all of us to bring forth the gifts we were born to give. If we are each shining our light, with love and courage, we can surely find our way through the dark.