Divine Feminine Astrology to Empower Earthlings


It’s time for feminine wisdom to restore balance on Earth, to reawaken divinity in our own bodies and in ALL life.


Are you longing to:

  • deepen trust in your own knowing and strengthen your inner guidance system?
  • feel yourself as part of a greater whole and draw on that galactic power in your daily life?
  • connect with a sisterhood of cosmically-attuned women committed to an evolutionary path?


The mission of the Galactic Priestess Academy is to help you reawaken and amplify the spiritual power inherent in your physical body.

“I am amazed at how the energy work achieved in these group calls is so powerful. I would never have imagined that a cyber gathering of women willing to make time for the Goddess would be so effective in healing each individual in the ways I have been experiencing these calls. Even listening to a recording of the event is powerful.” – Lynn, Full Moon Galactivator

“Everything covered each month is so totally relevant. I can literally feel the support energetically and the subtle shifts within. The info and work is so helpful to keep connected to the cosmos, each other – not to mention myself. I think you guys should be on Oprah. I rarely have the opportunity to listen live and it is all still happening. Time and space matter not.” – Zuzanna, Full Moon Galactivator

“What an unbelievable year of these moon calls. I feel so much more in tune with the larger universe as well as the Earth through following the moon cycles so closely, and I can sure feel the astro energies!” – Kristine, Dark Moon Circle

“Thank you for sharing your rich wisdom in such a beautiful way. For breaking it down into the practical accessible details while also opening windows and doors to the bigger picture and connections. For allowing your knowing to flow into poetic words and helpful questions. For waking my curiosity and inspiring me to learn more. For creating a strong and beautiful container for this wonderful circle of sisters and priestesses to gather and journey with the moon and practice magic together. It has been a big support and a joyous and powerful journey that has brought me even closer to the moon and my own knowing.” – Eena, Dark Moon Circle

“This experience with you has been more than I could have hoped for in terms of really feeling supported. I am beyond thrilled with the personal development I have carved out over the past 3 months. Going through these sorts of intense personal experiences together produces a truly remarkable web of profound connection that I feel truly blessed to have been a part of.” – Amber, Feminine Power participant

Our unique astro-energy programs empower you to FEEL the movement of the planets in your body and co-create with the cosmic currents for greater flow, ease, success and joy.


Astrologer Emily Trinkaus and Energy Healer Katie Todd are your Galactic Priestess guides and co-founders of the Academy. We are committed to creating a supportive sisterhood for activating feminine power on Earth.  More about Katie & Emily.


We utilize modern technology so that women from all over the world can come together in our Virtual Galactic Temple.